SEAT Urban Adventures: Tips for Navigating the Big City

Urban adventures await around every city corner. Our collection of Urban Vehicles include the SEAT Arona, Ateca and Tarraco SUVs, which provide a comfortable and spacious environment to combat every journey. Whilst exploring new cities may be an experience, never underestimate the urban jungle you set to conquer - an abundance of traffic, crowded streets and distracted pedestrians can make for chaotic journeys. Take the stress out of adventuring and make a note of these useful tips – the metropolis is there for the taking.

Before you set out into the big smoke, planning your route is essential. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so ensure to leave yourself with enough time to rectify the odd wrong turn or traffic jam which could disrupt your course. Mistakes are made when you feel pressed for time, so don’t rush into making silly and impulsive decisions – driving around the roundabout for a third time is a better alternative to cutting someone up and causing a collision. Likewise, if you need to take two minutes to collect your bearings, safely pull in to the side of the road and plan your next move.

When venturing into the city, the benefit of the doubt is a wonderful thing. With so many people on the roads, you can’t always anticipate the move of every driver. If you feel like others are accelerating too close to your vehicle or braking too late, continue to check your mirrors to stay aware of what’s going on around you. Brake earlier and more frequently to alert other drivers that they are perhaps encroaching too close to your vehicle. Most of all, keep your distance as much as possible when driving along busy roads – increased breaking distances provide additional time to make a judgement call and take the necessary steps to avoid a traffic accident.

Throwing caution to the wind also serves well when pulling out onto busy city roads. As you’re moving towards the junction, drive tentatively to alert other drivers of your presence. Whilst we would hope that most drivers would be accommodating, the reality is that city life moves at a faster pace. Road users may be less inclined to take the time to let you in, therefore it’s important to commit to your decision, once you have the green light to go forth. Although it is important to be cautious when pulling out, unnecessary hesitations will disrupt the flow of traffic and communicate mixed signals to other road users, which can cause collisions.

The sheer volume of people can also be a cause for concern, but it needn’t have to be – you just need to be extra ready to react. Pedestrians can step out from every corner and the majority are likely to be distracted, putting together a text or listening to music. As pedestrians and cyclists are legally allowed on both the road and pavement, it’s not just fellow drivers you have to be wary of – stay aware of those who surround you. Whilst remaining alert to this hyperactivity may be exhausting, it’s vital to keeping you on your toes!

Whilst the number of people on the roads may be increasing, a city’s infrastructure rarely changes to accommodate the growing traffic. Narrow streets are a key feature of many older cities, so it’s up to you to navigate them accordingly. Know the width of your car before venturing down these tight roads and pull in your wing mirrors whenever necessary to streamline your vehicle. Whilst space may be in short supply, be generous to other road users and give way where possible for the sake of active traffic flow – good karma will come back around!

Bare these tips and tricks in mind and you’re ready to unleash your SEAT SUV into the big city. To find out more about our Urban Vehicles range, click on the models below.