New SEAT Tarraco

Life isn’t for waiting. It’s for living. The New SEAT Tarraco SUV comes with the latest in innovative design and technology. So nothing can stop you.

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With seven configurable seats and a minimum of 230 litres of space, the SEAT Tarraco gives you more room to live big. The lightweight 17-20” Supreme machined alloy wheels are all for going the distance too, featuring a distinctive grand design - tailored for real people with lifestyles as grand as the car itself. 

And no matter which direction you take, the vast choice of upholstery promises to get you there in style and comfort.


The state-of-the-art technologies featured in the SEAT Tarraco make every day easy. With navigation maps, adaptive Cruise Control and Front & Lane Assist all at work inside one customisable display, some of the most advanced accessories are quite literally at your fingertips. 

Not to mention, with Full Link, you can also access your smartphone apps directly from your touchscreen via Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ - no problem. And when it comes to parking, the SEAT Tarraco is on hand to help with its 360˚top view camera, advanced sensors and automatic steering - guiding the way with 100% LEDs in the front and rear.


The SEAT Tarraco is designed with your well-being in mind - equipped with first-class safety features to take on whatever’s next. Serious accident? This system automatically notifies emergency services - or make the call yourself by quickly and efficiently pressing the SOS button.

Lane Assist also estimates your distance from other cars in traffic and adjusts your speed accordingly - without leaving the lane. And with the support of Front Assist, if a bicycle unexpectedly crosses your path or the car in front brakes suddenly, the SEAT Tarraco reacts instantly and brakes automatically - so you’re prepared to drive fearlessly.

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20” Alloy Wheels Go for ultimate style with 20" Supreme Alloy Wheels
Chrome Front Grille For optimum presence on the road
Digital Display Focus on what matters