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SMC Exeter - 01392 457700

SMC Garage Group - 01392 424478

SMC County Garage - 01626 333433


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Clever design makes the Mii as practical as it is stylish - and as easy to live with as it is fun to drive. Available in three-door and five-door models, the Mii fits in with your lifestyle.


Dynamic lines and clever compact design make the Mii a perfect little package. It also boasts stylish features, which include distinctive front headlights and rear lights, tinted windows, body-coloured handles and door mirrors, and a choice of alloys - 14" Silva or 15" Ania.


The SEAT Mii is available in a range of colours. Pick your favourite from our 'non-metallic', 'metallic' and 'custom' collections.

  • Sunflower Yellow

  • Tornado Red

  • Deep Black

  • Night Blue

  • White

  • Reflex Silver

  • Silver Leaf Metallic



The Mii may be compact but it has all the technology you need to make the most of your ride. Take the Mii Toca for example, which comes with our SEAT Portable System Live* as standard.


Designed to make your journey even more entertaining, the SEAT Portable System Live* includes a complete navigation system, with five-inch touch screen and voice recognition. As well as live traffic and weather updates, it can direct you to the closest petrol station or the best restaurant in town.


Talk and drive at the same time with hands-free Bluetooth. Look who's calling before you answer with a quick glance at your SEAT Portable System Live* and don't miss a thing with our powerful speakers. You can also manage your phonebook and listen to incoming texts instead of stopping to read them.


Connect to your latest playlist with a micro-SD slot plus AUX-in socket and display the album cover on your SEAT Portable System Live*. You can also select radio stations by name and give them their own icon as well as view the interior of the car on the screen to accurately set the volume, bass and treble levels for each speaker.


All the information you need at the touch of a button. The on-board computer provides up-to-date information about your car, including current and average fuel consumption and the range of your SEAT Mii. It can also display information including outside temperature, air-con temperature and the rev counter, so you make sure you're being as efficient as possible. 



The Mii may feel dynamic and energetic, but it's also incredibly safe. Equipped with the latest responsive safety systems, engineered to the highest specifications, you can ensure you and your passengers are in the safest hands.


SEAT Mii joins our Ibiza and Alhambra models in being awarded the maximum 5-star Euro Safety seal.


Our Convenience Pack includes Cruise Control and Rear Parking Sensors, two systems designed for safe and comfortable driving and parking. Simply take your foot off the accelerator, set the speed you want and Cruise Control will do the rest. Once you arrive at your destination Rear Parking Sensors will help you maoeuvre into that parking space with ease. Also included in the higher trims are electric, heated door mirrors, easily adjusted from the inside to make fogged-up mirrors a thing of the past, plus fog lights on Sport mean better visibility in adverse weather conditions.


Our safety pack includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Safety Assist. ESC is a responsive safety feature that monitors your steering, wheels, brakes and accelerator, and makes any necessary adjustments if stability is at risk; Safety Assist detects obstacles on the road ahead and can trigger your brakes automatically to avoid collisions below 18 mph. This unique system is the perfect co-pilot for everyday city driving. We've also added our tyre pressure monitoring system and hill-hold control as standard. After all, you can never have too much safety.


Ensures gradual braking and prevents the wheels from locking. Engineered for safety ad precision.


ISOFIX and Top Tether make sure your little ones are always secure on board.


Front and thorax side airbags are designed for maximum safety.

And now that you feel safe, you can head off and enjoy the ride.



At SEAT we are proud of our intense commitment to the environment and to putting our environmental policies into practice. We aim to offer a comprehensive and innovative approach combining environmental protection with the pleasure of driving our cars.


Show off your green credentials with our Ecomotive engine, which has impressive fuel consumption levels of 68.9mpg combined. Available for both 3 and 5 door models, your Mii will sport the Ecomotive logo. With start/stop, an energy recovery system and revised gear ratios as standard, our Ecomotive engine delivers the lowest emissions.

The Mii comes with a range of high-performance engines with emissions as low as 95g/km CO2.

Petrol Engines:

  • 1.0 60PS - 105 g/km CO2

  • 1.0 60PS Ecomotive - 95 g/km CO2

  • 1.0 75PS - 108 g/km CO2

  • 1.0 75PS Auto - 105 g/km CO2


*SEAT Portable System Live Includes one month free Live services. Lifetime service available for purchase at the Garmin Fresh shop. To find out more please contact your dealer.