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SMC Exeter - 01392 457700

SMC Garage Group - 01392 424478

SMC County Garage - 01626 333433

SEAT Leon 5dr

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Express your style on the streets with a cool Black Exterior Pack that makes a big impression. This special design pack gives your SEAT Leon 5DR a stylish black roof with matching black exterior mirrors.


Finely detailed lines are etched with technical precision and give the SEAT Leon 5DR its distinctive look. Its systematic, lightweight frame weighs 90 kilograms less than the second-generation Leon. Slender proportions, a horizontal honeycomb structure and trapezoidal grille make it stand out and ready to take on any road.


The right wheels can make a great car look amazing. That’s why we use alloy wheels, ranging from 15” to 18”, which give the Leon 5DR a sporty look to match its sporting style. In addition to looking great, our tyres are measured with exacting precision and subjected to rigorous technical tests.


Maintenance-free, Full LED Headlights illuminate the road ahead and put very little strain on the eye, while intelligent sensors avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. Just one of the many advanced features that only the Leon offers.


When starting the engine during the day, the daytime running lights activate automatically. This safety feature offers maximum visibility for both you and other drivers. Plus, their distinct shape lets your presence be known.


Is there anything better than a sunroof? We can’t think of anything. Our powered, panoramic glass sunroof opens up the interior, giving every passenger a little more room to breathe. And, if you get caught out in the rain, fear not, it can be closed with your keychain remote.



Full LED headlights illuminate the road ahead and put very little strain on the eye. You can combine it with optional High Beam Assist with intelligent sensors which avoid dazzling oncoming traffic automtically.


This is the latest generation of Human Machine Interface (HMI). This user-friendly, touch-sensitive screen controls entertainment, communications and vehicle functions. Compatible with: iPod®, USB, SD-card, Bluetooth®, CDs and AUX-IN for MP3s/MP4s and audio streaming.


This 5.8” colour touch-screen display uses proximity sensors so that buttons appear on screen when your hand approaches, and then hides them to provide an uncluttered display with maximum screen size.


The automatic rain sensor controls the windscreen wipers, adjusting the speed depending on rain intensity. The safety light, or the coming-and-leaving-home feature, provides the driver with extra light at night by keeping your car lights on for a set period of time so you can enter your home safely.


This cool little parking assistant uses four ultrasonic sensors to measure the distance the front and rear of the vehicle is from another object. An audible alert signals to the driver when the vehicle gets too close. The OPS systems include a sensor map in the media screen system and an audible warning.


The optional sound system offers a full, rich, transparent sound is delivered throughout the entire passenger cabin with the help of a powerful subwoofer. A 6-channel amplifier expels 135 watts across nine - yes 9 - speakers, and 1 subwoofer. A central speaker is mounted in the middle of the dashboard, and strategically placed speakers emit a balanced sound for everyone to enjoy.



An elegant addition to your SEAT Leon 5DR that adds a sporty look and an even more dynamic drive. Each component has been specifically designed to enhance the car’s aerodynamic performance and has gone through the most demanding air dynamics and resistance tests. The Sports Styling Pack comes with front bumper, a specially sculpted rear bumper, body coloured side-skirts kit and dual exhaust pipes.


The SEAT drive profile engages our primary senses throughout our driving experience. By switching to a new mode, the driver will be able to see, hear and feel the change in the SEAT Leon performance. Each of the three distinct modes, (eco, normal and sport) all have unique characteristics in terms of engine response, power steering, interior ambient lighting (red in sport mode and white in normal and eco mode) and engine sound (via a sound actuator). Plus, there is an individual setting which allows the driver to select their favourite aspects of each mode and create their own personal driving experience.


Keep tabs on your commute, road trip or run to the convenience store with the on-board computer which shows you your average fuel consumption, current speed, remaining range and travel time. This information is in the driver’s field of view so you can glance over without being distracted.



SEAT Leon 5DR video camera monitors and analyses road markings. If the lane assist system detects that your vehicle is about to leave its lane, it prompts you to make adjustments to your steering wheel. You can easily stop this feature at any time. But when you’re distracted, it could be the safety feature you come to love the most.


By now you’ve been reading about all the sophisticated and ingenious ways in which the Leon 5DR keeps you and your family safe. But that’s not just us talking. We’ve been awarded with the maximum five-star NCAP safety rating. And that’s something that they don’t take lightly… and neither do we.


This inventive new feature detects if a driver is feeling tired by analysing steering wheel movements. If it detects a drowsy driver, the Tiredness Recognition System sends an alert to suggesting a break.


This feature automatically reacts to different light conditions and ensures that oncoming traffic is not dazzled by your headlights, providing the best road lighting for the longest possible distance. Plus, as an added bonus, High Beam Assist saves you from switching back and forth between a high and low beam on busy roads.


The ISOFIX child-seat system is attached to fixed anchors (top tether), ensuring a secure environment, a comfortable child and an easy-to-use, intuitive mechanism. Quit wasting time with complex seatbelt attachments and secure your child easily and effectively.


A blowout can happen suddenly and usually without warning. Our tyre pressure monitoring system alerts the driver in the event of preliminary damage, thereby avoiding punctures and accidents. This system also keeps an eye on tyre pressure, saving fuel and ensuring optimal driving conditions.


Whether you need a burst of power to for overtaking or the fuel efficiency to make a tank of fuel last as long as possible, you have the choice of range of engines from the frugal 1.6 TDI 110PS Ecomotive to the powerful 2.0 TSI 280PS of the Cupra.

The latest engine to join the range is the cutting-edge Active Cylinder Technology (ACT) engine. This combines both power and efficiency by automatically switching between two and four cylinders to provide you with the power when you need it most whilst optimising fuel economy.

Petrol Engines:

  • 1.2 TSI 110PS - 114 g/km CO2

  • 1.2 TSI 110PS DSG-auto - 112 g/km CO2

  • 1.4 TSI 125PS - 120 g/km CO2

  • 1.4 TSI ACT 150PS - 109 g/km CO2

  • 1.8 TSI 180PS - 137 g/km CO2

  • 1.8 TSI 180PS DSG-auto - 132 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TSI 265PS - 154 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TSI 280PS - 154 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TSI 280PS DSG-auto - 149 g/km CO2

Diesel Engines:

  • 1.6 TDI 105PS - 99 g/km CO2

  • 1.6 TDI 105PS DSG-auto - 102 g/km CO2

  • 1.6 TDI 110PS Ecomotive - 87g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TDI 150PS - 106 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TDI 150PS DSG-auto - 117 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TDI 184PS - 109 g/km CO2

  • 2.0 TDI 184PS DSG-auto - 119g/km CO2

*SEAT Portable System Live Includes one month free Live services. Lifetime service available for purchase at the Garmin Fresh shop. To find out more please contact your dealer.